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The Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are over 70,000 puppies and kittens born every twenty-four hours. The sad fact is that just is not possible to place them all. Every year over 20 million animals end up in a shelter. Over 15 million of them are killed. Of those animals 61% of the dogs and 75% of the cats are killed.
Everyone's help is needed to stop the killing.

Links to Help you Understand Feral Cats:

Alley Cat Allies
excellent information, look especially at the "FAQ" and "Info Center"

How to Care for Feral Cats Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Born To Die Excellent Site---with Videos

Build An Inexpensive Feral Cat Shelter - Alley Cat Allies

Cat Over-Population

Cat Territorial Markings

Feral/Stray Cats by Metro Animal

Feral Cat Coalition Great Tshirts too

Feral Cat Colonies by Town Cats

Feral Cats Online Understanding feral cat behavior

Feral Cat NewsGroup on Yahoo.

Feral Cats To Lap Cats Using T.E.A.M./TTOUCH

Feral Cats: The Trap, Neuter and Return SolutionPrintable handout about TNR

Good Humane Traps - Where I have personally bought 3.

Health Care For Feral Cats Alley Cat Allies

How to Manage a Feral Cat ColonyNeighborhood Cats of New York City.

Humane Management for Feral Cats Cat Care Society

Humane Trapping Instructionsby Feral Cat Coalition

Humane Trap Source as recommended by Feral Cat Coalition

Low cost assistance from Rehab-a-Cat for those living in the New Haven, CT area

Maddies Fundeducation and how to help feral cats

Pet Overpopulation CyberPet

Relocating Feral Cats by Alley Cat Allies 

Report on Trap/Alter/Release Programs by Karen Johnson of the National Pet Alliance

Smurgles.com Tips from Karen

Save our Strays Save the strays

Taming Feral Kittens by Feral Cat Coalition

The Day in the Life of a Feral Cat

The Race to Outpace Feral Cat Over-population Feral Cat Coalition

Tru-Catch Traps - good for ferals

Feral Villas - great outdoor shelter

The American Cat Project photo-based training

Understanding Feral Cat Behavior - articles by Jack Carter

Wildrun Wildlife Management - Feral Cat Rescue and Information


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Thoughts Of A Feral
by Annette Easdon

Dedicated to all the kind and caring people
who give the lonely ferals
a little care, a little love, and a little hope.

I sit beneath the bushes as she fills my dish each day,
I only venture out to eat when she has gone away,
I know it will upset her when I turn away and hide,
As every day she tries her best to get me by her side.

I wish that I could let her know that I don't want to run,
And hope that she will understand it's nothing that she's done.
I'd like to have her stroke me and pat my weary head,
But fear will overcome and I'll run and hide instead.

For all the kindly people who feed the strays each day,
I pray the Lord will care for them as they have cared for me.

Sissy & Old Guy
"Of all the creatures ever made, Man is the most detestable. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain."
 -- Mark Twain
For every human born there are 15 dogs born and 45 cats born.  Spay-Neuter is the solution to cat overpopulation.